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Where can I get a VPS server with Windows?

  • March 30, 2024
  • 8 min read
Where can I get a VPS server with Windows?

VPS servers are small parts of a bigger computer. They look as if you are the only one using it, and that you own the whole computer. Maximize your forex trading potential by embracing the advantages of high-performance premium mt4 hosting, designed to provide you with a stable and secure virtual private server environment. Nonetheless, there have to be lots of VPS servers in the market that have a unique system called Linux, but also, many users need servers that are running on Windows for their specific programs and tasks. This is where dedicated Windows VPS hosting can come into play. In this article, we’ll look at Windows VPS hosting a little more and will discuss a few of the top companies that provide this service.

Understanding Windows VPS Hosting

A Windows VPS server is like having a virtual space inside a computer, you can think of it as a virtual world operating on Microsoft’s Windows Server OS. Thus you can operate unique Windows software and utilities through the virtual environment and get all the benefits of Windows at the same time.

From web hosting and application testing to game servers and VPNs, utilize the best vps hosting uk for your venture. Unlike a shared server with others, Windows VPS hosting guarantees more control, space for growth and performance. You get unique rights such as installing your own programs and changing the server setups, which are necessary for your computer to work . Moreover, DedicatedCore and DomainRacer are the best Windows VPS hosting providers in the market.

People and organizations that use the software that only targets Windows Operating System, like ASP.NET, IIS, and MSSQL, discover the hosting of windows VPS useful. It’s like having a playground that offers a wide array of toys that are only available for Windows.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Windows VPS Provider

Performance and Reliability:

When selecting a Windows VPS provider, it’s worthwhile to be certain they are well-equipped with quality computers and network. First, find a provider that sells top-of-the-range computers with things like fast CPUs, DDR4 RAM, and SSD hard drives, to ensure that everything works. Confirm that the provider has not only one method of getting online but also different places to preserve your data. This is necessary so that your website doesn’t have any downtime or slowdowns.


A very significant aspect is to have the ability to scale up or down the server according to the needs or size. Search for a supplier that allows your server to be modified the amount of disk and processing power it has. This is the best way of dealing with any added visitors to your website, application usage or workload. DedicatedCore and DomainRacer providers provide alternatives to increase or decrease the power of your CPU, memory, storage and speed of internet connection whenever you need to. This will help you ensure the uninterrupted functioning of your website or app even when things are busier than usual.

Operating System Versions:

When you decide to go for a Windows VPS hosting provider, make certain they offer you the latest versions of the Windows Server operation system. Particular versions of Windows Server like 2019 or later versions are important because they have improved security, run better, and can run the most recent Windows software and tools. Also, make sure that the provider will provide you with the choice between different versions of Windows Server, for example, Standard and Datacenter.

Technical Support:

Good technical support is of great importance, but it matters even more if your server is not working as it should. Seek companies that have you on speed dial as well as smart and helpful people you can always talk to. DedicatedCore and DomainRacer available at all times and they should be able to communicate with you in many ways like live chat, phone, or email. Find out about how fast they can fix a problem, how often they will fix things and the feedback of people about their services.

Security Features:

Security is one of the key issues when it comes to hosting data or applications that are closely related to mission criticality or confidential materials on a Windows virtual private server. Review the security options provided by the vendor which include firewall configurations of high grade, protection against intrusion with the use of IDS/IPS, DoS mitigation, data encryption with SSL/TLS, and the regular application of patches for the operating system and software stack. Besides, backup and disaster recovery mechanisms inquire about the options to guard your data from unintentional deletion, equipment failures, or a cyber attacks. A comprehensive security posture is no longer in a windows environment to image from emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Cost and Pricing Structure:

On the surface, cost is an important factor of a Windows VPS provider, though it should not be considered as the only factor. Cost also plays an important role, although one should take into account the value and services that it offers besides the cost. You should review the pricing plans of each provider to be able to make a considered choice. The cost-effectiveness of each plan matters depending on the resources you need, the performance you expect and the budget you have available.

Top-Ranking Windows VPS Hosting Providers

Many trustworthy hosting suppliers will get you a Windows VPS with different features and pricing models to meet your needs. Here are some of the top providers in the market:

1. DedicatedCore


DedicatedCore is the leading Windows VPS services company that is of the same kind as a web hosting service for businesses. They have custom hosting options to suit various business requirements nowadays. DedicatedCore emphasizes on providing performance that is scalable and delivers speed, and at the same time, maintains the safety of your data. They are into offering various hosting options, which include KVM Linux VPS, KVM Windows VPS, Storage VPS, Standard VPS, and VPS Reseller plans. It implies their portfolio is varied, and they are all the same ranging from a large website to an app that needs a vast space.

Key Features:

  • Trustworthy Hosting: Gain the highest acceleration and security for your Windows app.
  • Managed Services: Use high-performance servers in Europe that are nonstop the time.
  • Secured Storage: Secure the safety of your data with separate storage space in Lithuania.
  • KVM-Based Virtualization: Virtual servers are no different than real ones, you have to make things that are running smoother.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Get strong hosting with an affordable price. You can try another, if there are any problems.
  • Help and Licensing: The office will help you out for free with setting up and take advantage of licensed Windows software.
  • 24/7 Support: Get help at anytime you need it, and say that has almost no chance of not working.

2. DomainRacer


DomainRacer is a company that makes Windows VPS hosting services that are of the highest quality and which make it easy for businesses to grow and run well. A team consisting of many members works day and night to ensure everything runs. Hosting carried out on DomainRacer employs Plesk Panel and Windows Server 2012, which are renowned for being very secure and stable. This is the thing for business that want their websites or apps to be unfailing and perform fast.

Key Features:

  • DomainRacer‘s Windows VPS hosting is based on Plesk Panel and Windows Server 2012, which ensure the security and work of your website.
  • They feature Softaculous Installer which is a simplification of the app install process so that the user can install all types of apps, such as WordPress and Joomla, by clicking one button.
  • You can get up to 256-Bit SSL certificates from DomainRacer that will keep all your online transactions safe in case you are using software such as CubeCart for your online shopping store.
  • They also have POP3/SMTP/Webmail Access and even SpamAssassin to prevent your mails from being sniffed as well as get rid of spams.
  • With ASP, .NET, PHP 5.x, MS Access, MSSQL Web Edition, and MySQL 5.x as its supported types of applications, DomainRacer comes together to offer a great of variety.
  • They use SSD as a storage device, which provides users with a quick website load that contributes to their better experience.


The choice of a good Windows VPS hosting provider is very important for entities and individuals having a preference of the Windows ecosystem of applications and technology. A good example of such things is how it operates, whether it will be strong enough with your plans, how secure it is, and whether they are able to offer good support. If you choose DedicatedCore or DomainRacer, or if you select your own Windows VPS hosting service you must have a dependable and effective place to run your applications and projects.

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