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  • April 20, 2024
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Mkvmoviespoint: Looking for a site where you can watch all the latest release of movies, shows and web series? mkvmovies point is the place where you can get access to all the latest release for free.

It is a hub of movies, a place or platform where people can enjoy unlimited entertainment for free. This is a digital media visual site. It is a pirated site which means it is illegal and banned by the law. Ironically, it still operates in the market.

Movies- Web Serves – OTT – Free Download – Thriller – Action – Documentaries and Fantasy World.

About mkvmoviespoint

A door to unlimited entertainment, infinite pleasure, latest release and lot more. To download all the Bollywood releases, explore movies point.

It offers all the forms of media entertainment, including: movies, web series, shows, documentaries and animation movies.

If in case this site is not able to be accessed in your region, the mkv requests you to download VPN to unblock the accessibility. They have created a very attractive, simple and transparent interface.

One can download all the release of ULLU Platform for free. They offer different range of visibility on their portal, media quality ranges from 360p to 1080p. Higher the media quality, higher the data costs.

This is an absolutely free platform to explore, and why it is free? Because it is a pirated site. They earn income through other sources and they do the release illegally. To attract more people and to generate high traffic, they offer this free release.

Categories offered by mkvmoviespoint

To explore the list of categories visit their official site. The front interface of the site present the list of categories with one click on the official site.

  • 300 MB Movies
  • Dual Audio
  • Hindi Dubbed
  • Pakistani Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Web Series
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Gujarati Movies
  • Marathi Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Tollywood
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Adult content ( UllU, Alt Balaji and others)

Features of mkvmoviespoint

1. Free Media

This site offer all the entertainment options for free. They don’t charge any subscription fees for the release.

This is what makes them more unique and advance competitive in the market. They earn through advertisement and program which is why they offer free food on the table.

2. Dubbed Versions

They offer dubbed versions for the release. There are various categories of movies which get release in different languages and for that dual audio works.

People are able to watch and enjoy movies of different languages with this dubbed option. It provides features like dual audio which entertain people.

3. Multiple Resolution

They offer multiple resolution of screening for the viewers. It includes 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p resolution. People can choose on the basis of their preference.

Higher the quality higher data consumption is charged. It demands internet connectivity with high data speed for easy download.

4. Adult Content

They release adult content on their site. It influence the people on large scale, this is one of the major reason to attract people on their site.

It display all the latest release of ULLU, Alt Balaji and various other hot sites. This type of content demand for the consult before approval.

5. VPN accessibility

It is one of the major drawback. This is a pirated site and therefore, it is banned in various countries. VPN is an application which alter the ban system and release the block.

They have highlighted this platform for their viewers that in case the website didn’t run or open then people can use VPN to unblock it.

6. Download

It feature download options. People can directly enjoy the visuals on screen or they can download it from their official site.

Download is free, it only charges a fixed data amount which depends on the quality of the media. The downloaded file directly get settled into the file manager of your device.

7. Hollywood Release

They are not limited to Bollywood and Tollywood movies. This offer English movies on their platform which is what attracts more viewers on their channel.

It contains various genre for the viewers. People are nowadays more incline towards the Hollywood movies and web series. They are quite deserving too, Right!

Genre of mkvmoviespoint

Horror, Mystery, Animation, Adult, Teenage, Tollywood, Bollywood, Sci- Fi, Nature, Thriller, Cartoon, Drama, Action, Thriller, Crime, Comedy, Romance, Adventure, and Fantasy.

Documentaries, Autobiography, Fiction, Noir, Murder, Sensual, Funny, dubbed , dual audio, Musical, Experimental, sports, dark comedy and Many more.

Alternatives of mkvmoviespoint

Top 10 Legal Competitors

All these platform are the legal platforms to reach the door of entertainment. All these platforms provide high resolution content, various directors and producers release their web series on this listed options.

All these brand demand subscription charges to watch movies, shows and web series on the them.

1. Netflix


3. Alt Balaji

4. Amazon prime

5. Disney HotStar

6. Mxplayer

7. Sony Liv

8. Jio Cinema

9. YouTube

10. Hulu

Top 10 Illegal Competitors

All the below listed sited are pirated sites. They perform all the operations illegally and unethically. They carries no moral value and principles of business. One thing which makes it more likable is that they offer free release.

1. Picasso


3. Goojara movies

4. Movieflix


6. 123 Movies

7. Torrent sites

8. 4MovieRulz

9. Vegamovies

10. mp4Moviez

How do they generate revenue?

They offer the media entertainment for free on their channel. So, how do they earn and do the maintenance of their site, Curious?

They apply simple formula of brand advertisement, media visibility, pay per click and other income sources. They earn high amount by generating traffic on their site.

Why mkvmoviespoint is an enemy for real Cinema?

This platform is an unauthorised and illegal site which means they don’t follow any legal principles. They release the movies on their channel by doing act of piracy. The film industry blame such platforms as they impact the box office of the movies.

Actors, directors and producers put themselves in the real work and in the end they suffer form loss when because of such pirated site.

 This is an act of unethical people, as they record the movies into theatre and then they release it online which means it affects the business model of the film industry.



We as a responsible channel don’t promote such platforms. To watch movies and web series, please follow the legal platform. Go and watch movies in the theatre to support your favourite actor.

Pirated sites are banned by the government. People should not promote such platforms, it also affect the privacy of the users and your device. This is not a safe and secured platform to enjoy movies and web series.

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