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Eleanor Matsuura and her character Yumiko in The Walking Dead

  • May 6, 2024
  • 10 min read
Eleanor Matsuura and her character Yumiko in The Walking Dead


Eleanor Matsuura: Entertainment is a big thing these days. Everyone craves to entertain themselves after long days at work with hectic

schedules. However, when one sits down to relax and get some entertainment there are a lot of choices in sources of entertainment to choose from. Well, are you someone who is fond of watching movies and series to satiate your entertainment needs? Furthermore, have you ever come across any roles played by Eleanor Matsuura? And, are you aware of her character Yumiko in the popular TV series The Walking Dead? Lastly,

are you interested to know more about her and this character? If you have a curiosity then this is the perfect place for you. In this blog, you are going to find everything related to Eleanor and her character Yumiko that you

need to know. This will be a detailed and elaborate blog. Therefore, it is

going to be packed with entertaining information. So, please do consider reading this till the end.

Overview and details of the actress Eleanor Matsuura and her character Yumiko

Name- Eleanor Matsuura Nationality- British

Profession/occupation- Actress

Best known for- Yumiko in The Walking Dead, Bev in Utopia, PC Donna Prager in Cuffs, and many more

Born- Tokyo, Japan DOB- 16th July 1983

Citizenship- United Kingdom

Alma Mater- Central School of Speech and Drama Active since- 2005

Husband- Trevor White Children- 2

Zodiac sign- Cancer


First appearance- in the 5th episode of the 9th season of The Walking Dead titled “What Comes After”

Last appearance- Final episode “Rest in Peace” Created by- Robert Kirkman

Adapted by- Angela Kang Portrayed by- Eleanor Matsuura Character’s occupation- Member of the Militia Television:

Criminal Defense Lawyer (Pre-apocalypse) Hilltop Council Member

Partner- Magna

Gender- Female Hair- Black

Age- 30s

Family- Tomichi Okumura (Brother) and Magna (Wife) Ethnicity- British Japanese-American

Status- Alive

One of the famous dialogues by the character “Yumiko” played by Eleanor Matsuura

While giving the speech to the Commonwealth, Yumiko says the following:

“Eugene Porter was also a part of my community. He was… he was

someone I grew to know well over the years and even came to trust. That is why the events of the past 48 hours have shaken me to my core.

They’ve also renewed my belief that regardless of the personal cost… we must always seek justice, if we are to preserve who we are as a people.”

All you need to know about Eleanor Matsuura

Eleanor is a very popular actress of British origin. Evidently, she was born on 16th July 1983. Her birthplace is Tokyo, Japan. However, currently she has the citizenship of the United Kingdom. She used to be a student at Central School of Speech and Drama. She embarked on her journey of

acting back in 2005. She has been married to Trevor White since 2014 and has 2 children with him. Her most popular roles are Yumiko in The Walking

Dead, Hannah Santo in Spooks: The Greater Good, Bev in Utopia and as PC Donna Prager in Cuffs. As has been noted, she was born and spent her initial years in Tokyo. However, later she was raised in Hertfordshire, England. Her descent is half-english and half-japanese. Meanwhile, she is not capable of speaking the Japanese language. She graduated from

London’s Central School of Speech and Drama in 2004. There she did the training in modern and period dance. Whereas, in regards to her career she

started by acting on stages of the Royal Court Theatre, Old Vic Theatre and many other West End Theatres. Thereafter, her career saw further growth after appearing in British TV drama series like EastEnders, Thorne, Extras, Holby City, Lead Balloon, Doctor Who and Hustle. Aside from all this, there are many films also which contain her work. Her most popular roles are considered to be Hopkins in Sherlock and Yumiko in The Walking Dead.

Character “Yumiko” played by Eleanor Matsuura in “The Walking Dead”

This character’s full name is Yumiko Okumura in the series titled “The Walking Dead”. Evidently, this character is played by Eleanor. In the

narrative of this series, this character is portrayed as a member of a small group. This group consists of survivors in the apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead. Certainly, this group is led by Magna who is Yumiko’s girlfriend. Indeed, Yumiko is an LGBTQ character. Hence, similar to other

characters like Tara Chamblee, Aaron and Jesus. Certainly, this character is depicted to have black coloured hair. This character makes its first

appearance in the series with the episode titled “What Comes After”. Additionally, this is the 5th episode of the 9th season to be specific.

Whereas, this character’s last appearance is in the final episode named “Rest in Peace”.

About the series “The Walking Dead” (Eleanor Matsuura)

The Walking Dead is a very popular American drama series based on its comic book series. It can be described as a horror drama television series.

Evidently, this series is developed by Frank Darabont. Another thing to note is that the whole narrative of this series and many other spinoffs is based on the comic book series of the same name. The narrative of this

series is setup in a post-apocalyptic world. The comic book series that this based on is made by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore.

Furthermore, this series is known to include a huge cast portrayed as

survivors of the zombie apocalypse overcoming challenges. Hence, The Walking Dead is a whole franchise within itself.

Eleanor Matsuura
Eleanor Matsuura

Eleanor Matsuura: Overview of “The Walking Dead”

Name of the series- The Walking Dead

Genre- Horror, Serial Drama and Zombie Apocalypse

Narrative Based on- The Walking Dead comic book series Developed by- Frank Darabont


  • Frank Darabont (season 1) 
  • Glen Mazzara (seasons 2–3)
  • Scott M. Gimple (seasons 4–8) 
  • Angela Kang (seasons 9–11)

Music by- Bear McReary and Sam Ewing Country of origin- United States of America

Original language- English Total seasons- 11

Total episodes- 177

Running time- 41 to 67 minutes Omcial network- AMC

Release- October 31, 2010 to November 20, 2022


Indeed, in this blog everything relevant about Eleanor Matsuura, her character Yumiko and the series The Walking Dead has been discussed in detail. In conclusion, it is hoped that enough information and entertaining facts were provided to your satisfaction. Lastly, there are many other

similar blogs that might be of your interest.

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