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Which is the Best Air Cooler for Summer in India 2024?

  • April 16, 2024
  • 4 min read
Which is the Best Air Cooler for Summer in India 2024?

As the temperature rises, finding the precise approach to remain cool turns vital. So, we have compiled a list of the best air coolers from Symphony for your home and office that will keep your place comfortable, calm, and relaxed no matter how high the temperature rises in summer across India.

Our carefully selected air coolers ensure not only beating the heat but also doing so with innovative features and functionalities. Our recommendations cater to multiple preferences and needs, from energy-efficient and best air cooler models that prioritize sustainability to those enhancing powerful cooling capacities.

Get ready for a relaxed and comfortable summer with our list of top coolers and the best coolers under 10000 to keep your spaces pleasingly chilled.

Different Models of Symphony Air Coolers

Symphony Air Cooler Model 1:

  • Windblast 70

This specific Symphony air cooler model consumes merely 150 watts*, comes with a large 70L water tank capacity and is empowered with CFD technology for uniform cooling. 

The air cooler has high-efficiency honeycomb pads and an advanced Xtra power fan. You can experience cooling cosiness with our air cooler’s prevailing air throw and auto swing functionality. 

The cooler has a built-in high-performance pump precisely engineered for more extended operations. This model reduces maintenance charges and has no pumping concerns. The honeycomb design and a re-engineered fiber structure offer a practical cooling effect and extend the structure’s durability.

Significant Features of this Model:

  • New and modern-day generation cooling pads
  • Xtra power fan for higher-speed operations
  • Powerful air throw with auto swing feature
  • Cutting-edge cool flow dispenser technology
  • High-performing and methodically engineered pump

Symphony Air Cooler Model 2:

  • Diet 3D 40i Tower Air Cooler 

This Symphony air cooler model comes with a honeycomb design blended with re-engineered fibre structure and offers a highly effective cooling effect. 

This sleek and efficient tower cooler product is highly apt for rooms up to 15 square meters of the area under perfect conditions. The product is designed with a multistage filter to evade air pollution and offer clean air. 

You can enjoy 3D cooling in hot summers at a low power consumption rate, better tank capacity, prevailing blower, pop-up touchscreen and easy-to-use magnetic remote.

Significant Features of this Model:

  • Powerful air blower with a cooling effect
  • Highly effective honeycomb cooling pads
  • Refill reminder with an intelligent alarm
  • Multi-functional and smart remote

Symphony Air Cooler Model 3:

  • Duet-i India’s 1st Kitchen Cooling Fan

This Symphony kitchen cooling fan merely consumes 60 watts*, is effortless to carry, and comes with a digital touchscreen. The product oscillates 90 degrees on the solid base and offers a powerful air throw.

This model comes with Auto louver movement, a Cool flow dispenser and a Coolpad. It is suitable for moderate heat or humid climates. 

Significant Features of this Model:

  • Rests easily on the kitchen slab
  • No trouble to the flame or spices while cooking
  • Easy water filling
  • Stylish and smart touchscreen control panel

Symphony Air Cooler Model 4:

  • Diet 3D 55B BLDC Tower Air Cooler with BLDC Tech & 55 Litres Capacity

This air cooler model comes with a 7-speed BLDC technology fan, consumes merely 115 watts* and backs with up to 8 hours of sleep mode. 

This operative product comprises modern features like automatic pop-up touchscreen and magnetic remote. It well-suits medium rooms, moderate heat or humid climates and comes with a strong 28 ft air throw.  

Significant Features of this Model:

  • Sleek, trendy, and powerful personal tower cooler
  • Automatic pop-up touchscreen control
  • Highly active honeycomb cooling pads
  • Enables super cool air with diet 3d

Key Takeaways

In this blog post, we discussed different Symphony air cooler models that suit Indian summers and will be an excellent choice for you in the year 2024.

With highly effective Symphony air coolers, you can relish the comfort of a cool breeze in your home or other spaces. These supercool air coolers are well-designed and enable maximum air throw. Also, these energy-efficient products consume meagre power and come with innovative technology features.

With Symphony, you get assured same-day dispatch, free delivery PAN India, and an exclusive warranty on air cooler products. So, buying an air cooler online from Symphony at an affordable cost is the best option this summer.

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