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The Dark Side of CSGO: A History of Cheating and Hacking in the Game

  • May 8, 2023
  • 4 min read
The Dark Side of CSGO: A History of Cheating and Hacking in the Game

Witnessing player accounts get banned in the middle of CSGO tourneys isn’t as surprising as it used to be. Cheating has become a norm in first-person shooter games, as many players are willing to do whatever it takes to top eSport ranking charts. With Valve’s anti-cheating software having some limitations, hacking, and cheating have become prevalent. This blog post will analyze where it all started going wrong.

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The Early Days of CSGO Cheating

Since the dawn of video games, there were/are always people ready to cheat just to win. In 2013, Alexander Kostylev, better known as ‘s1mple,’ received an ESL ban for cheating.

The malice in CSGO has carried on as we witness players unfairly using wallhacks, aimbots, and ESPs to win matches. The hacks, easily accessible online, are a headache to Valve, the CSGO proprietors. CSGO’s open code means developers can tweak its programming to their advantage.

Valve conducted a thorough purge of accounts with a low trust factor not long ago. The CSGO parent company also implements frequent anti-cheat measures such as the VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat), disabling third parties, and Overwatch. 

Aimbots, Triggerbots, Wallhacks, and Mobility Hacks

Aimbots help CSGO players lock on a target accurately, while Triggerbots allow players to shoot when their crosshairs instantly come across an opponent.

Players using wallhacks can carry out assaults by seeing through them.

The most uncommon hack is the mobility hack. This is because it is so hard to hide. It allows a player to walk through walls or objects and, wait for it, Teleport! A bit unfair if you ask me.

The Constant Cat-and-Mouse 

Since its inception, we have witnessed multiple lawsuits between Valve and CSGO cheats. Cheat developers such as popular cheat provider “BuddyHacks” always develop more complex and better ways to rig the game.

2021 alone saw more than 6 million CSGO players banned. Sadly, these numbers continue growing as the game gains more popularity worldwide.

The Impact of Cheating on the CSGO Community

  1. Persistent game cheating has negatively impacted a large number of gamers’ experiences. This overwhelming feeling will lead to a brewing culture of hate, distrust, and loss to all gaming industry stakeholders.
  2. Cheating actions in competitions have led to accusations of cheating against professional players and teams. This paints a bad image in the professional gaming sphere.
  3. Increased instances of new players and the perception that they are playing against cheaters when they lose, which might be true or not.
  4. Over time, developers have come up with more complex hacks to bypass detection software. This will continue for a while, and the sophisticated hacks will continue for hundreds of dollars. 

The Future of CSGO Cheating

Gaming corporations like Valve and Activision will continue introducing unbending penalties for cheaters. Evident examples include longer player bans, hardware bans, and lawsuits.

Continued trends of cheating will see more players avoid games perceived to be easily hackable. This, in turn, will mean fewer profits for gaming corporations, their subsidiaries, and the CSGO gambling industry. If you are looking for CSGO gambling “bookies”, visit CSGO Book to find out which sites are reputable.

How To Easily Spot a CSGO Cheat

As you spend more time playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, you start taking note of players who might be cheating. How?

  • You notice a change in performance. A drastic mid-half change of performance.
  • The difference between the player’s positioning and movement in their in-game decisions is like day and night. The in-game decisions seem too good to be true.
  • Accounts that catch the eye of Valve Anti-Cheat software have a habit of not clearing common angles or corners properly. They tend to rush towards flanking.

Cheating and hacking have been a part of CSGO since its inception, and the battle against it continues to date. While Valve has significantly improved its anti-cheat measures, cheat developers have become more sophisticated, making it a constant cat-and-mouse game.

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